Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Day 2 in Bangkok

Tired from all the walking on Day 1 but we had a good sleep on the night itself. Day 2 was fresh~~ We took turns to use the washroom then slowly doing light make up and off we go to explore this city.

We purposely got up early to avoid the long queue but not early enough. However, we were still lucky that the wait was not too long. This shop is just a turn from the hotel that we were staying, no rushing. And we met this friendly uncle from Singapore to help us to take photo for us. Thanks!!

Looking at the proclamation, I got excited when I was a step closer to getting a seat to make my order. It's full house and I start to imagine the taste of how delicious it is to make the wait worthy.

These were our orders. Soup-base wanton mee, dried wanton mee and pork rice. 

Well, it's overrated. And the portion is rather small. 

Then off we go to visit the palace.

WARNING!! To those who wanna visit the palace in Bangkok. 

We got down from the taxi then got informed by the locals outside the palace saying that it's closed as there was praying session going on. So we got offered to go for a boat ride to kill our time before coming back again. 

Just nice there's a tuktuk waiting there and we got up the tuktuk to send us to the riverside. 1 minute on the ride then I recalled Bobo's post saying that many conmen outside the palace as she got cheated by them too. So I told my friends, shall we get down since we were just a road away from the palace. They said, it's okay let's just go for it. 

We bargained for the tuktuk. We too bargained for the boat ride because the price is ridiculous high. I forgotten how much was ours but still it was expensive. My friend overheard the transaction between the man and a pair of caucasians. Their price per pax was like RM150 or something. 

There's no scenery but the backyards of the locals. They must be using this river to transport themselves last time and also now. Finally get back to palace area then only we heard the announcement saying 'The palace is open everyday. Please do not believe anybody outside of the palace' Booooo~~ 

So those who never been there and going there soon, now you know. 

Nothing much to do on the boat fully occupied by us so why don't do some photography session? 
Rainbow ftw

They got addicted to the pork stick in Bangkok just like how my friends got addicted to Taiwan sausage in Taiwan. Must eat, they said. 

The palace is crowded with tourists. It's extremely hard to get a soulless spot like this for us to take a proper group photo. Just notice that our theme on day 2 was black-grey-white 

I was think how does it feel to live in a palace last time. 


Then we chanced upon this group of girls stuffed on a tuktuk. around 6 to 7 of them. HILARIOUS

Late lunch at this pratunam chicken rice. Crossing the road to reach this shop made me shivered.

Done eating and it's time to do crazy shopping at Platinum Mall. woohoooooooooooooo

It's Thai cuisine again. Slurrrppp tom yam soup, thumbs up good!!!

This is my special request for this trip, to taste the mango dessert at Mango Tango. Recall back the taste of the mango sticky rice and the ice cream, I am salivating already. 

That's how we ended our day 2 sweetly. awwwww 

Wisdom is only found in truth

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