Monday, June 29, 2015

Durian is yummy!

Durian is no doubt the king of the fruits because the demand for it is stronger than others. I heard that this year we have more supply of durian due to the good weather. This news thrills me. I have big big love for this yummy creamy fruit therefore I really hope those who dislike the scent of it should give it a try. 

But on second thought, I find the scent of smelly tofu is unbearable and refuse to give it a chance to enter my mouth. Perhaps this is the same reason for those who find durian awful. 

Skip a meal for durian feast is always a YES. Pardon me for using a spoon simply because I don't want to dirty my hand. It will be a rather sinful meal than having a proper main course. Don't weigh in next few days as the figures might saddened me. lol 

Hello businessmen, buy more durian to keep it in the freezer please. I want durian snow skin mooncake in September pretty please!! I wonder am I the only one who has craving for mooncake all year long. 

Wisdom is only found in truth

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