Sunday, June 28, 2015

Hummingbird Eatery, Bandung

Testing testing...I am taking over my bro's used laptop which is still a few years younger than mine. It's running faster and everything processes faster therefore won't use up my patience limit while uploading photos. To commemorate this day of owning a new laptop (to me it is) after 8 years, I have decided to finally write a little about my visit to Bandung this February. 

We were there to celebrate the union of our friend and his lovely wife, Rica. None of us been there so took the opportunity to travel around since the bride has been long wanted us to see her city. People who went there told me it is as good as Bangkok in terms of a shopping haven. Okay, turn on the shopping mode to bring more clothes back since there are many shopping outlets. 

To be honest, I did not involve myself in planning the itinerary and do not know the name of some of the places that we went to. We hired a driver to bring us to the desired destination so I thought I would just follow the flow and relax my mind. 

Touched down at Bandung's airport and went straight to check in the hotel then went for our late lunch at a restaurant opposite the hotel. Few months after the trip and I did not jot down anything of it so couldn't provide the hotel's name nor the name of the restaurant. Failed max. Mainly because I did not even bring my own camera. I am this lazy like that. 

Now let me present to you, The Hummingbird Eatery. 

I quite like the interior of the cafe and the whole concept. As the name said, hummingbird, cages can be found dangling as decorations to suit the theme. The wooden furniture makes me give them one more bonus point. I personally think that cafes should use wooden furniture to create the cosy and laid back kind of ambiance. 

Sitting under the shade of a tree indoor makes everything looks cooler. haha Basically this cafe is a one great place to do some mini photo shooting with friends. 

No verdict for food and beverages as I only ordered a glass of passion fruit drink that basically tasted the same everywhere and that's all.

Told you wooden furniture is cooler. It makes a photo looks so much nicer to have it as background or base. Don't you think so too?

Now you know who is the photographer for the photos posted here. Thank you to my friends who are so kind to take photos for me. I was counting on them and my phone camera. Surprisingly, I find this quite good. I wasn't busy whipping out camera to snap whatever I saw like before so I could enjoy things around me more. Experience more things than looking for a better angle of photo via viewfinder and miss the chance to look around. 

That's what I learn from an article. Don't be so busy taking photos and forget to appreciate the beautiful stuffs around. 

I am so in love with this counter. Look at the display, look at those jars...and those woods. haha Start to daze if one day I own a cafe and I want it to be like this or something similar. Dream on. 

The outdoor section is open for smokers. Look at those stools, creativity and go green concept. Another corner outdoor is for drinkers and football's fans. They have a widescreen for video playing. 

It is a very nice cafe. If I were to visit it again, I might bring a book to read and sit at a corner just to enjoy the low pace while enjoying the music and coffee. Another thing is they provide free WiFi for the patrons. Oh gosh, this is one important service for a foreign visitor like me who doesn't buy foreign SIM when I travel. It is another bonus point for them. 

Free WiFi service is fairly common in my country but not in some other countries. Without local SIM and putting hope that the restaurant I dine at would have free Wifi, the moment the crew said no then I feel disappointed. haha #firstworldproblem

We ended our day at this Rumah Mode which is a well known branded outlets in Bandung, just like our JPO. Besides buying two adidas jerseys at roughly RM10 each, I buy nothing else. I can't tell whether those are the genuine products of those brands or are they counterfeit goods. 

Prada, Gucci, Chanel, Burberry, Balenciaga, Murberry, Miu miu and some other brands of bags left on the shelves for you to take to touch and with the doors widely open, no people guarding at the door. We really dare not buy. On the other hand, I am afraid people might judge me if it is a counterfeit yet I am using it like real thing. To save the hassle, just don't buy. Case closed. 

That's how I spent my first day at Bandung. Quite tired due to the travelling but luckily the lodging is quite comfortable. Done washing, pop down and snore till the next morning...

Wisdom is only found in truth

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