Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Girls talk at Just Want Coffee, The Factory 30

The first Sunday of July in 2014, I went for movie with friends and we continued the session at Just Want Coffee, The Factory 30. Last Sunday which is coincidentally the first Sunday of July 2015, I went there again with friends. 

Why did I remember it so clearly? 

Because both of the Sundays fell on the weekend before my birthday. Open the memory drawer and I got the image back in my mind. 

This time we went for sushi before coffee. Soft shell crab maki is forever so yummilicious that I could finish the whole roll by myself. 

It has been a while since I last update of their news. It is nice to sit down to chat for hours. Life is good when you see your friends are doing good and that motivates me to be better. Yeah, everyone has ups and downs in life, at work and some other aspects but nothing cannot be solved. 

The one is blue is Esrene. She was seated behind me during Form 5 then the girl sitting next to her, Jia Wen was also sitting next to her in class. Theresa (in black top) was then sitting behind Jia Wen. And Esrene was also my university mate but different majoring course. 

I would always try to attend each gathering because it's hard to come by. Everyone has their busy schedule and things to attend to. 

The barista was in good mood and definitely having good skill too. Look at the coffee art, we find it very beautifully done especially the one on mocha. This is also one of the reasons why more and more people got addicted to coffee (and the art). 

And I suggested to take a picture with Jia Wen underneath these two alphabets because that's our initials. JW 

Now I knw why is there a huge bump on my butt because I stuffed my purse in the pocket. hahaha 
Not many photos to share because I was busy listening and sharing. Very busy leh...

Wisdom is only found in truth

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