Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Lone diner is not lonely

I used to find having meal alone at the restaurant or anywhere in the public is lonesome, pathetic or scary. I remember how much I like to assume or make up story for the lone diner that I see at the restaurant.

"Ahhh...maybe he or she is not well liked by people around them therefore nobody wanna have meals together" 

"Hmmm maybe he has busy schedule and could only have meal alone at the awkward timing"

"Or maybe she is just waiting for time to pass to pick up someone from somewhere nearby"

Never once I assume one of them actually enjoyed the so-called ''me time'' with themselves. I always thought there must be a reason behind for why are they dining alone. Exactly, I find it quite unacceptable to dine alone because it is so awkward but no longer till I tried it and fell in love. 

The reasons of why I love it are all listed down in this article. Yes, don't have to entertain people. I could slowly enjoy my food and do not need to talk talk talk talk talk to keep people entertain before they think I neglecting them. One thing that I always do while waiting for them to serve the food is I zone out. I would be entering into a dimension where I could see and hear no one just to empty my mind. Purification, kind of. haha

Of course, I still love dining in a group but no longer hate the idea of eating alone. 

Wisdom is only found in truth

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