Sunday, July 19, 2015

Oreo Macaron

A few years back after having bak kut teh with my friend and she was saying it is not easy to bake macarons as it requires skills. Immediately I keep this is my mind not to try the recipe as I am gonna waste the ingredients at the end of the process. 

Last Christmas, another friend bought a box of Christmas themed macarons and posted a photo of it on Instagram. They are really cute. I only knew the price of one macaron after my friend told me. Since we were already on the topic of macaron, she told me she had tried a few times baking macaron but never once succeed. 

I watched some tutorial videos on YouTube but still dare not try it out until one day I found this user on Dayre. I look at the ingredients and the steps, hey maybe, yeah maybe I should try baking some. It was then my first time baking the macaron and I was really bad in piping the mixture. 

But this time, I cut the hole smaller and put a circle template behind the baking paper. I could actually bake more macarons but being greedy and inexperience, I scooped everything into the piping bag. The mixture overflow from the top while I was piping it. 

Lesson learnt: Fill the piping bag half full only and refill it after that.
This is the smaller size macaron than normal. I find it very cute though.

This is the product of my first attempt in baking macaron. They were mostly out of shape and this was the best of all. They were flat and 'feet' was not really showing. 

These batch is the products of my second attempt in baking macaron. I am so happy because they can be paired up!! haha It is really not easy to pipe them into the same size. The 'feet' is formed and they look fatter and cuter than my first try. 

However, this time I used another buttercream recipe by this user instead. 

Lesson learnt from second attempt: Not to place the tray too high in the oven with fans on. 

Look at those macarons surface which look like kena typhoon swiped. The surface isn't smooth and sunk in. But those on second layer were nice.

I like to get recipe from people who have tried using the recipe and succeed in baking it. That proves the recipe can be used and not lacking of any ingredients or steps. Hopefully I could bake some pastel colour macarons in my next attempt. I also like some earl grey flavoured macarons too. 

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