Saturday, July 11, 2015

Screw & Brew Coffee & Tea Leaf, Mount Austin

It was a lovely Saturday evening and the craving for coffee kicked in. I then recall someone told me there's a Groupon deal from one of the nearby cafes. Only a few minutes after I have done the transaction, I was already in the cafe making my orders. 

The moment I stepped into the cafe and start to admire the interior. The design of everything is very nice but sadly, I have got no photo to show you. Most importantly, it was almost full house yet it was not noisy. It doesn't have that empty warehouse kind of echoes haunting us. This is great! 

There is a 3D art piece of Charlie Chaplin hanging on the wall. Quite unique.

My order - Rose latte

I was a little disappointed that it wasn't decorated with those tiny rose petals. And no floral fragrance?

This is good. Berries flavour with two scoops of vanila ice cream. The waffle tastes good and crispy. The sweetness from the fruit jam and berries adds points to it.

Second order - salted caramel waffle

This is not as tasty as the previous one. There were brownie cuts and banana cuts in between to make it looks richer and nicer.

They actually serve 3 flavours of waffle which are the above 2 and another one has bacon. I have never tried eating waffle with main course ingredients therefore I could not imagine the taste. How does it taste like? Will it be like waffle sausage kind of snack?

The total expenses for the meal is RM45 - 4 cups of beverages and 2 waffles. It is quite a good deal based on current market rate for dining at cafe now.

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