Saturday, September 05, 2015

ATV ride @ Shah Alam

''Hey kawan, interested in joining us for ATV ride on 22nd August?'' 

At first I was like, errr what is ATV? Then he showed me a picture...ahhhh so it's that kinda of rugged ride. Pardon me for my own definition. Immediately I said yes but deep down I was a little gan jiong how would it be. 

 This is their group photo while waiting for me and Irene. I am really sorry because I am not good at looking at the Google map so we took a few wrong turns and ended up had to go another way or one big round to reach the destination. 

Thanks guys for waiting!!

The champion look of us after the session. It was tough yet interesting and VERY HOT!! However, it's still so much better than a rainy day.

This is us to have some training to familiar with how to function the motor vehicle while going up or down the slopes. The moment they saw me got down from the car, they were like '' WHAT?? YOU ARE WEARING WHITE??"

So I was really careful while passing through watery mud to avoid splash and I did it.

It's in a small jungle next to the practise venue. I am really bad at controlling it so my tyre stuck a few times at the side while going down the slope. There's a long slope which is the steepest of the route really quite scary. I used all my energy to press on the brake just to make sure no injuries for me and the ATV. haha 

Overall, it's a very good experience. RM52 per pax because we bought the deal from Groupon, cheaper than normal price. Would I try this ride again? Yes but let me check on the route first. haha 

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