Saturday, September 12, 2015

Lil' gathering with friends

Finally I am done with all the flying in 2015 except any impromptu trips in the remaining months but I doubt so. I shall stay obedient to complete whatever I have to. *laugh*

This is gonna be a quick update on my recent trip to KL to meet my U-friends. It's not easy to be able to meet them in a group.

So that morning, Irene brought me to Le Pont for a quick breakfast before meeting the others for the ATV ride.

Done with ATV and lunch, we headed back to Min Chiew's place for shower. After we have finished with all the dressings and dolling ourselves, it was already 4pm plus near to 5 in the evening. haha

Then Jimmy brought us to pets friendly cafe called, Cubs and Cups, opened by a group of Koreans. Apparently, their pets only listen to commands in Korean too.

I wonder what tricks did they use to make the doggies walk around the cafe without disturbing the patrons. Pet loves may bring their own pets to the cafe too. There's one golden retriever refused to leave the cafe and made a tour around the cafe to make friends. haha

The breed of Husky family but I don't know the actual name. Its fur is so soft like a carpet. The staff talked to him in Korean and immediately he stood still and sat down to take a picture with me. awww if only I could speak Korean.

The patrons from next table brought their Husky in Superman suit. It is too handsome to resist from taking a picture together. I was still a little scared to hug or touch it because who knows it might bite me. It looked at me for a good few seconds so I thought wanna kiss him and my friend got this shot.

The churro waffle is nice but expensive. That iced green tea latte is not bad tho. Wanted to order the iced red bean latte but luckily I did not, because friend ordered it and it was pretty bland. Tasteless.

Had our leisure high tea time and it's time for dinner after that. We moved on to Publika to search for food. Hmmm really have no idea what to eat therefore we settled with Morganfield.

Like I said, we hardly meet (they meet but without me lol) so we were beyond control of having endless photography session at the same spot with the same group of people. For the patrons who got annoyed by us, I am deeply regret. hahaha 

I like this seafood platter the most. 2 platters plus two bottles of wine, one appetiser and one dessert for RM500. hmmm If only we have 2 more people or 1 big eater then we wouldn't have wasted some of the food. 

Lastly, let me ends this post with a portrait of myself posing with a glass of wine. hahaha Pattern more than badminton *lame*  

Mess around with them at Jimmy's house for a night. It's more like messing up Jim's house. lolx
Had breakfast at nearby then they sent me off at KLIA2.

Wisdom is only found in truth

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