Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Yellow Cafe, Langkawi

Gimme beach, gimme the sound of wave patting the shore, gimme the cool breeze...

It was a working day morning when I decided to book my air tickets and spend my merdeka holiday at Pulau Langkawi. The first time of visiting the island was 3 years ago when I went there for one of my graduation trips. I have always been wanting to visit it again to see and experience the place clearly.

I have booked this trip long before my KL trip and Bersih 4.0 were confirmed. Got onto an early flight to reach KLIA2 and left me with nothing to do. It was as early as 8am in the morning so decided not to roam at the airport but find a seat. Then I ended up at Starbucks doing my stuffs and checking the news feed on Facebook while waiting for my flight to Langkawi.

After checking in our room, immediately we rushed to find food. It was coincidence or fated for us to reach Yellow Cafe on a significant Yellow day in Malaysia. In fact, Google brought us there because we had no idea where to eat.

Sigh. I really have no proper software to edit the photo in my laptop. This photo looks better after edited using VSCO app but it looks ugly here. Never mind, I just wanna show that sentence on the wall after all. My face doesn't look like I got up at 5am to catch the flight, does it?

In Langkawi, your only beverage is alcohol. hahaha Maybe it is not for others but YES for us. It feels shiok to drink it cold especially when the sun is scorching HOT.

Ordered a pizza to share because it's only 4pm, an awkward moment to call it lunch or dinner. High tea then.

Finished everything and still early to wait for sunset. adohhh
Went for shopping to have an idea what to buy or what to eat later. Stroll lai stroll qu, decided to head back to Pantai Cenang.

That's the face when you are at the beach. Wind blows, hair fly and you go crazy..ahhhhhhhhhhh

Half way typing this post and I watched a video of a girl who is famous on the social media because her photos are all super gorgeous and nice but in reality, she has a face full with blemishing big acnes. Ouch, it hurts me. haha I mean the pimple part.

Ever since I learn the photo editing app, I must edit the lighting of the photo or using the existing filter to make myself looking better than in person. #selfcheatinggaogao And then, choose the best angle to snap a shot and post ONLY the best of thousands shots.

Aiya have to create an image for myself although since last time, I memang have none.

Lastly, a photo of me and my partner in crime with zero photo editing at all. It was a girly trip and also kinda 说走就走 不要等 no planning is the best way to procrastinate to the max. And now I know why people choose to take bridal photo on the beach, the lighting is simply awesome!!! No kidding. Reflection of the light from the sand and sea water...fulamak my skin looks fair in photo but tan after all the reflection. @@

And hmmm...our dinner settled at a warung just right opposite the entrance of Yellow Cafe. Malay styled seafood feast is nice too. My friend shared lotsa of life experience with me and I really wow a lot. That's why good to have friend who works at different industry to share their stories with you. I get to learn another side of good and bad life is.

If you are real close, you won't hesitate to go on a trip with just you and her. You don't ask, who is the 3rd person? Anyone else joining us? Sometimes 2 is good too. haha

Okay done with this post. wooohooooo~~

Wisdom is only found in truth

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