Thursday, January 14, 2016

2016 countdown party at Penang

It's Thursday night but I have settled down at the computer table so might as well write my first proper post in 2016. Before I start, go to YouTube to play my favourite songs and sip on my iced lemonade (ahhhh this crazy hot weather).

I ditched 2015 and welcomed 2016 in Penang. My last trip there was almost 4 years ago, how to believe it when I went to Taiwan twice in these 4 years. This trip wasn't really a super spontaneous nor planned but it just happened and I am glad that it happened. 

We reached Penang and just in time to go for breakfast. Waze came to rescue on where to eat and kuey tiaw t'ng is it. The main objective was to order KTT but got distracted to other stall and ordered lor mee and prawn mee. 

 IKR apa ni? It doesn't look appealing but it is nice. The price is RM4.50 which is impossible to get it in our hometown, for the amount of ingredients. 

I have big bag but i did not bring my big camera. Phone cameras are good enough for us since it wasn't really a sight seeing trip but makan makan makan. Btw, the weather was really super hot. I got 100 shades darker after on and off walking under the scorching sun. 

The most painful experience is stuck in the jam due to the road block while on the way to cross the bridge. The car doesn't move hence the air-cond decided to deliver hot air instead while the sunlight landed directly on my fat legs. Did not put any cardigan in the car therefore no shades and yeah, super painful. 

Okay continue. 

We checked into the hotel and decided to nap if not we would not have the energy to go for the countdown party. We headed out to hunt for lunch at 4pm. So wrong. We headed to Straits Quay to roam for few hours and even had our dinner but it was still too early for the countdown party. 

Early flight in the morning and we thought we needed a shower. Great decision ever. The initial parking fee was RM1 and cars started lining up to enter into the parking when we were leaving. We came back again after an hour and we were told the parking fee is now RM10. oh dear~ 

But nono, it did not spoil our mood. We were shocked to see the difference of the crowd at Straits Quay between afternoon and night. It was so quiet and soul-less during daytime and not sure is it normally crowded at night on normal days tho. 

Okay. I got not many photos to share but I made a video. I installed an application called Viva Video and decided to make use of it. Hope you enjoy the clip! 


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