Tuesday, March 15, 2016

What are you busy with?

It's already the middle of March and soon a quarter of 2016 will be history. I was walking outdoor with friend and we looked up the sky to our surprise, the moon is bright and there's lotsa stars. That's like a bonus added to today's memory. 

2016 is treating me good, so far. I am trying (not very) hard to fulfill my resolutions and still on track now. Well, I am secretly wishing 2016 doesn't slip away just like 2015 did. Please slow down the time, the pace...Yeah right, I am barely old but I am already leading a life of a pensioner. That's absolutely not good. 

This year is definitely not a travelling year for me therefore I shall do something else to fill the time. Hmmm...thinking of picking up a new hobby with minimal (or zero) cost. I attended one lesson of Muay Thai and realised it is not my place. For a log like me who doesn't master human association, yoga is my thing. ZEN...

Is durian season here yet? *sniff sniff* Durian is a fruit which you don't eat it after a meal but eat it as your meal instead. It's too filling and TOO fattening. However, I have zero resistance for it. MY LOVE.

Done updating myself. woohoo~~~This space is boring so ciaoz!

Wisdom is only found in truth

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