Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Barat, Perhentian Besar // 3D2N

Summer. Sea. Snorkeling. Seafood. Sky


Pulau Perhentian is an Malaysian island located near Kota Bharu, Kelantan. It's a state where I have never been to previously (and I had now). I actually unknowingly had island vacation 3 years consecutively (Bali in 2014, Langkawi in 2015) no wonder my boss said I love island. 

I arrived one and a half hour before my flight and happily all aboard the aircraft (excited for my cuti-cuti Malaysia) then waited inside for good one hour only to conclude that we gotta change aircraft. I was suppose to  arrive at KLIA2 at 11pm but only to arrive at 1245am. All is well, I have too much time to kill at KLIA2 since our flight to Kota Bharu was 645am.

I am not sure why do all captains have such nice voice overheard from the speaker? They could actually be a part time DJ too. 

It has been a long time I did not camp at an airport and I thanked God for it is for the old LCCT anymore. haha We walked a long way to search for empty seats to finally land ourselves on it. Our conclusion is, we better book a hotel next time.

And we finally arrived at Kota Bharu airport at 8am. After an hour of land transfer to jetty and 35 minutes of sea transfer, we arrived at The Barat resort.

Welcome drink from the receptionist. Indeed, an icy cold drink is really much needed after the long journey of taking air, land and sea transportation. hehe

The room where we spent most of our time sleeping in it. It is so much better than my expectation. Most importantly, it has a water heater and hair dryer.

Took a short nap and all ready for snorkeling. This is my first time to do snorkeling so I was basically very excited. The boatman cum coach is really friendly and patient therefore we get to go further and see more things than the others. Thank you, sifu!!

There are few varieties for dinner set and I ordered Thai chicken rice. Dinner set comes with one main course, one tea/coffee and one bowl of mushroom soup. The portion is really sufficient, no worries.
Our breakfast on the second day. One breakfast meal, one cup of tea/coffee, one plate of fruits and one cordial/mineral water.

We decided to forfeit our second day snorkeling package to slack around in our room and somewhere nearby.

Lunch on the second day. Hmmm we did give feedback to the person in charge that too many drinks for lunch set. lol That coconut smoothie tastes not bad though.

This is our BBQ dinner on our last night. There are lamb, squid, fish, chicken wings, prawns and satay. A plate of rice for each plus a glass of fruit juice. Okay not bad.

That's the only night where the restaurant is crowded with people from other resort.

I quite like the environment of The Barat because its serenity and view. It might not have spectacular view from the resort but we love to lie down on the lazy chair or rock ourselves on the hammock to enjoy the breeze under the shades.

It's also not so commercialised therefore we don't see stalls nor shops nearby.

The staffs are really friendly and helpful.

On the boat transfer, ready to go to the airport. It's still sunny and beautiful as what we saw in the past few days. Yeah~~It's a place I wish to go back for vacation again.

I did a compilation of the videos taken using our phones at Pulau Perhentian. It's shaky and has poor quality but please enjoy it. hehehehe

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