Friday, September 09, 2016

Losing interest in blogs

I am a big fan of reading blogs since 10 years ago. Initially it started by reading sisters' friends' blogs on their Friendster or Xanga and random bloggers from Taiwan on It was not so convenient like what it is now therefore they share their daily life or thoughts in blogs.

The content on their blog is quite personal from sharing days in school, what they do, outing to their pets (if any). The trend of selfie was not that popular and people were not so into sharing self portrait in those days. 

But in today's world, I got a little sick of reading blogs which is full of sponsored posts. 9 out of 10 posts is about promoting so and so products. You may call me kepoh but I thought that's what blog is for. However, those posts may come handy when I need those review before buying that particular review. 

Photos on the blog are getting more and more professional to catch the attention of the readers. This is good though I thought for personal blog, it is better to put in some random/candid shots that make it more a personal space than a commercialised zone.

Just some random late night thoughts. Bye.

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