Saturday, December 10, 2016

(Taiwan) Cingjing Farm

This is my first and only overseas trip in 2016. That shows how bad is the economy, haha.

I finally get to sit down to jot down this beautiful memory with my friends happened at Cingjing. Playing Christmas songs on Youtube as background music and I am ready to tell my story.

Although I dislike the windy road up the mountain to reach our destination, our homestay but the scenery is breathtaking good. It has a view which we don't get it in the city. 

I am so excited to write this post because there are too many photos taken at Cingjing so just spam as many as possible here for future review.
(Most of the photos are taken by my fellow friends and I just conveniently grabbed it from the place they shared.hehe)
Our 6 pax room with two bathrooms which is really needed and saved lotsa waiting time in the morning.

We arrived at dinner time. It was cold and thankful for the preparation of hotpot for dinner because you can't tell my head was actually spinning. I got giddy from the way up the mountain. Good thing is I never puked. I never learned my lesson from my previous trip to Taiwan and forgotten to prepare pills for motion sickness. #facealmostgreengreen

The patio outside our room (the lit white door). I like how considerate the owner is to prepare these tables and chairs for the guests to rest while enjoying the view and cool weather. 

We bought lots of snacks from the convenience store just for this moment. On vacation so let's eat chips and drink alcohol while enjoying the cold wind. That Japanese peach beer is sweet (suitable for ladies) and the tteokbokki tidbit is nice. 

It's SO FREAKING COLD to sit outdoor to munch on these but the beautiful stars hanging in the sky made it all worthwhile. If I was well prepared with apparel to keep me warm and not sleepy plus giddy, I might just sit there longer to adore the stars. 

The dinner from the night before was nice and they served this for breakfast with free flow milk tea/coffee. This healthy breakfast set is really filling, no kidding. A bowl of salad (with sprout, broccoli, kiwi, guava, cherry tomato and dragon fruit), a piece of thick toast with two different spread, a piece of assorted bread with cheese and ham then lastly, one fried egg. That's awesome!

Never let go of any chance to take photo at this beautiful homestay before we shift like a nomad again. I was still so happy to wear sleeveless but not so till I got sun-burnt after a few hours wandering at the farm under the hot sun. #truestory

One last photo before checking out from the room. The night before was so cold but it is hot during day time. The sun was scorching H-O-T ! ! !

The husky belongs to the homestay owner. I am not sure whether it is called Tommy or Tobby. LOL

Okay ready to go to the farm after taking so many photos and our coach arrived too. woohoo

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~
Hey hey it's an obligatory shot in front of the main entrance of the farm. The castle clock tower.

Queuing for tickets. For adults NT200 (Public Holiday) NT160 (Weekdays)

Got tired of walking and need food intake or shopping, no worries, there is an area for hawker stalls. We just randomly picked a seat and ordered their food. 

Behind us is another sightseeing area of the farm. On our left, there are a few shops selling food products and skincare products (from goat's milk).

Red bean goat's milk ice cream on this hot sunny day made me super till I finished the popsicle. I barely tasted the unbearable awful goat milk's scent but red bean. 

This is my second time at Cingjing Farm and if I were to visit again, I would prefer coming here during Winter or I should prepare a umbrella. So why exactly did we reject the umbrella offer from the tour guide? W H Y? 

The sun-burnt areas are my arms and they still look tanned. #sadstory 

I personally think that Cingjing farm is more friendly to family with little children to get closer to the mother nature and experience something different from the eletronic devices. If only the grass is greener then our photos would probably be nicer. LOL 

Till then, bye!

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