Thursday, March 30, 2017

Caversham Wildlife Park, Perth

Caversham wildlife park in Perth is a place to go if you like animals. It was about one and a half hour ride from the city if I am not mistaken because it was more than a year ago. Finally I decided to write a post of it so that I could read it in the future. 

Gonna spam many photos to write my story. Here we go!! 

 On the way to the park after parking our car. Specially requested my bro to take photo for me. It was September and the weather was a little chilly therefore long sleeves but it was kinda hot on that day. 

 Told you it was hot so we got ice cream for each of us. Ice cream tasted more delicious at an outing. 

Kangaroos are cute but I am kinda afraid of them getting close to me. I bent down to tie my shoe lace and one jumped towards me. My first reaction was RUN! haha Apparently I did not feed any of them.  
But I have this human kangaroo lugging my bag and jumping around. This was her first oversea trip and experience the different climate than in Malaysia so she was rather excited and happy. 

I don't even dare to touch it. Of course, part of the reason is they are not clean,

When the grandpa and uncle were discussing things, the little kangaroo must joined the discussion too.

There are birds' park too? I mean like another area for the visitors to get closer to the animals and even taking photos of (or with) them.

This photo was taken by my niece who was 4 years old back then. I taught her how to function my camera and she got hooked then.

A photo with the big fatty wombat. Not kidding, just look at its size. 

My niece offered to take photo for me again. I somehow trained her to become my personal photographer of the trip.

Children below 5 years old get to enter into this area to pet the rabbits, guinea pigs and chickens.

She got really excited so she asked me to go back to take another photo for her. Look at that smile, so sweet.

Before the farm show starts, I told her to take photo first and she happily obliged. However, the sun ray was too bright for the eyes to open. LOL

In the end, my niece gave up to harvest the milk so I did. Ermmm that was my first time harvesting milk from a milk cow and I was kinda afraid that I might hurt it tho. 

Bye koalas, sorry for disturbing your sleep. See you again next time!!

It's time to go back to our rented apartment to rest after a long day. The park is surely a place to visit when you are in Perth and it is a good place for family outing as well. We had our lunch before the visit so I have no idea what food do they sell it there. 

Till next time, ciao! 

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